Children’s Dentist in Whitehouse

At Dental Health Associates of Whitehouse, we know that the best way to ensure a lifetime of great oral health is to start early. By giving your child a head start with an early visit to “the big chair,” you can begin to establish habits of dental hygiene that will pay dividends for years.

Early childhood is crowded with milestones for kids and myriad responsibilities for parents. Your toddler’s first visit to the dentist can slide far down the priority list as you manage all the tasks of being a great parent — from guiding the development of emerging skills to mastering the intricate plot lines of Peppa Pig story books. During these exciting, formative years you will not only need to know all about the latest cartoon superheroes; you will also need to be one.

Timing Your Visit

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you should consider scheduling the first dental visit once teeth begin erupting through the gums. This is the teething period, which loudly announces its arrival. Not only can your dentist suggest ways to manage the discomfort of new teeth, but an exam by Dr. Huntzinger can check for emerging problems, evaluate the trajectory of your child’s oral health and recommend preventative measures that can strengthen the new teeth.

These are not simply dental issues, as teeth lost to dental decay can impact your child’s development. As your child learns how to chew and speak, he or she benefits from a full set of teeth. Proper enunciation is harder with gaps in the mouth, and difficulty chewing can translate into extreme food selectivity.

Fighting Cavities

Cavities in baby teeth can also spread decay to permanent teeth, deep in the gums. The many negative effects of cavities provide compelling reasons to focus on prevention in these early visits. In addition to filling any cavities that may exist, your dentist will apply fluoride to strengthen the teeth and reduce the likelihood of decay.

For extra protection, parents may also choose dental sealants, a thin protective layer that covers the teeth to ward off cavities, especially in remote and heavily pitted molars. Dr. Huntzinger can help you decide if this highly effective preventative measure is right for your young child, or even your young teen.

Fond Memories

First impressions are always important in life, and this is especially true with your child’s premier visit to a dental office. It is essential that the experience be completely comfortable, anxiety-free — and even fun. Every member of our friendly staff enjoys greeting, entertaining and enchanting our youngest patients. We’re ready to chat about everything from dental hygiene to dinosaurs, and have stocked our office with an array of books, toys and entertainment options.

Just as important, we give your daughter or son plenty of time to adjust to the new surroundings, and to get comfortable in the big chair. We work hard to ensure that the memories created during this important visit will long endure — and will always bring a smile to your child’s face.

To learn more about children’s dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, contact Dental Health Associates of Whitehouse today.