Porcelain Veneers in Whitehouse, OH

Chipped or cracked teeth can affect you in many ways including your willingness to smile, interact with others and even seek professional opportunities. Fortunately, porcelain veneers can help transform your smile while boosting your confidence. Made of high-quality material, porcelain veneers are thin shells that slip over the teeth to conceal an array of cosmetic imperfections, including cracks, fractures and gaps between teeth.

Having treated hundreds of patients, Drs. Andrew Huntzinger, Kirk McKibben and Steven Lantzy of Dental Health Associates of Whitehouse know the difference an attractive smile can make. We are pleased to offer porcelain veneers for patients who desire a camera-ready smile.

Am I a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers may be right for you if wish to:

  • Conceal small chips, cracks or discoloration
  • Fill in small gaps and spaces in between teeth
  • Improve the shape and size of teeth
  • Improve the uniformity between crooked and uneven teeth
  • Cover up worn tooth enamel

Your porcelain veneers will be created to match your unique specifications. Because of their translucent quality, porcelain veneers match the look of tooth enamel. As a result, your veneers will blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Treatment Details

Porcelain veneers are typically placed over the course of two appointments in our office. During your first visit, our dentists will examine your teeth. If necessary, they will remove a small amount of tooth enamel to ensure that your veneers will fit securely over your teeth. Once this is complete, our team will take impressions of your teeth so your veneers can be created in a dental laboratory. Temporary veneers will be placed over the teeth to protect the teeth. The process is not painful. However, you may experience some tooth sensitivity due to the removal of tooth enamel. This should only last for a few days.

It typically takes two weeks to create your veneers. Once they are ready, you will return to our office for placement. We will remove your temporary veneers and place the permanent ones. The veneers will be bonded into place using a strong adhesive. Before you leave our office, our dentists will make any last-minute modifications that may be needed to ensure a secure fit.

Caring for Your Veneers

With proper care, your porcelain veneers should last for many years. Like natural teeth, veneers should be brushed twice a day and flossed regularly. You should also avoid biting down on hard foods and objects (e.g., fingernails, bottle caps, pens) that can potentially chip or crack your veneers. Routine dental visits are also important so your dentist can monitor the function of your veneers.

Restore Your Confidence in Your Smile

Don’t let cracked, fractured or crooked teeth stop you from smiling. Porcelain veneers have helped countless individuals look and feel confident again. To find out if porcelain veneers can help you smile again, please schedule a consultation with Dental Health Associates of Whitehouse. Contact us by calling our office or sending us an email today.